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Sometimes winning a battle is about knowing when to let it go ! #okcinfo #okcspatz #metooguru #metoo

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Thanks to all your donations both offline and online, we now reached 4.538€ we still have to top-up with 2000€ to reach the first step of being able to pay the lawyers.

If you can still share this campaign via email, social media or word of mouth please Know that each of these little things help us tremendously reach our general goal.

The Judgement day is approaching soon, many people from different countries will join and be present to the final of this 20 year long trial, the date is 18th of September, Justice Palace of Brussels. Check our out facebook event via the OKCinfo page to make sure to get the latest updates.

For many of us this is the end of a journey that started in 2016 with the first trial where OKC-Spatz got themselves a nice 4 year suspended sentence that they appealed 10 days after the sentence resulting in an appeal court trial in 2018. if there was one image representative enough to speak about the appeal is : Facebook comments & images where the only arguments beside openly lying under oath to counter our arguments and our multi faceted but converging stories depicting the reality inside OKC.

The cult could not do better than what they did to serve our objective : most of the testimonies from cult insiders to counter our arguments displayed either lies, cult conditioning, severe lack of discernment, absurd perjury and the use of Tibetan Buddhist figures to justify the legitimacy of their so called Buddhist center. We hope the Belgian Justice will be able to cut through the bullshit and see OKC and Spatz and the 7 direct accomplice as what they are : criminals that need to face their actions and their utter lack of integrity.

History will always remember the version of the survivors and we'll make sure it stays that way for eons to come: Ogyen Kunzang Choling is dead, Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang is just a shadow of psychopathy maintained alive by his utter fear of death and his belief that death is so important moment of life where one's actions are scrutinized, felt and seen by oneself and that on that moment, every pain, every abuse, every torture will be felt thousands of times stronger and for eternity.

That's what await the circle of jerks around RS and that's what await RS/LK and that's what they will get. Karma is a bitch they say, Human Justice may be flawed (flaws used and abused by OKC to last this trial for 20 years is one of their feats certainly) but in the end, even before the judgement day, we already won, we spoke up, we united to fight the only battle worth battling for : ourselves and that along with handling our lives and healing is the best way to celebrate winning with or without a matching human justice system sentence.

May the Light always be !




Paedophile who fled Airdrie before sentencing resurfaces as a Monk in Mexico #Buddhism

This has nothing to do with OKC or with the OKCinfo initiative but one common point is fleeing from one place to another and continuing abuses in total impunity. it seems these days anyone can be "monk" like anyone can be "anonymous" and the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy will not move a inch because well : it is not formally organized.