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@SogyalRinpoche @OgyenKun To ALL Tibetan or Western Lamas, while in the West, you are subject to the laws of the land as much as we are. There is no ‘tantric exception’, exonerating Tibetan or Western Lamas, that will hold up in criminal courts in the West, and neither will ‘arguments’ like ‘crazy wisdom’, ‘guru devotion’, ‘vajrayana’, are valid arguments in courts.

If you think you are an exception because of a so called pure perception you are vastly misguided and you are misguiding others.

So maybe it is time for Buddhism to cut the ties between aristocratic feudalism lama title's passing from one generation to another and actual philosophy if Buddhism has any chance to survive.

Tibetan Buddhism refer to "the Kali Yuga" to describe the "end of times" the time where Buddhism will outpace a period of confusion, chaos and disasters of all sorts, maybe Buddhist Speakers (note the word Speaker instead of Teacher or Master) should have a look at their own behavior into the degeneration of Buddhist teaching in these difficult times.