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Call for all Buddhists in Europe: Tell @ogyenKun to cleanup it's "masters" page #okcinfo

So here is a few things OKC should do:

  1. Remove all the Masters/Teachers from your website until the trial is over & responsibilities are taken.
  2. Remove this article reaction from your Dossier site as it does not represent ANY of the current or former members of OKC much less the parents that discovered for the first time in 40 years what really happened to their kids.
  3. Remove the collective pictures of parents/kids associated with the head of the Cult Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang
  4. Shutdown your website renewed narrative until this trial is over and the fog is cleared! no other buddhist center in the world would dare to be in such position and still associate itself with legitimate teachers/masters of buddhism, it is arrogantly blind and ignorant to dare keeping it online like this trial is not even happening ! who the hell are you ? 
  5. Be humble & proactively communicate that Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang is a fraud. 

Update 2017 : 

Point 4 and 5 are not being put in practice. OKC should revoke the current board administration for life, change its name, ban Spatz for life, retake ownership and control of the Spatz Foundation, all these steps are not put in practice and therefore anyone can reach the conclusion that Spatz is still pretty much controling OKC. 
3 - The page of Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang was removed from OKC website :
2 - This article was changed and reflects now the OKC decision to appeal the court decision and the Spatz sentence
but the argument of point number is still valid. 
1 - the page was removed, but all the masters are still displayed in their project page :